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If you want a computer that's protected from known worms and viruses, or you're not sure whether the files that you are opening are malicious, we recommend you order Antivirus with your system. By ordering Antivirus software you will receive the following key features:

  • Automatically removes viruses, Trojan horses, and worms.
  • Checks incoming and outgoing email attachments for viruses.
  • Automatically scans incoming instant message attachments for threats.
  • Checks compressed file archives for viruses.
  • Keeps dangerous Internet worms out, blocking them before they infect your system.
  • Automatically downloads updates to protect against new threats.
  • Automatically scans for viruses upon downloading updates.
  • Uses smart technology to detect emergent worms and other new threats without waiting for updates.
  • Disinfects your system prior to installation, starting you off with a clean, virus-free computer.

New viruses and malicious software trojans are being produced every day, and no Antivirus software can guarantee a virus free computer. However, with Antivirus software you can be assured that as soon as a virus or worm is identified and the definitions are updated, your computer will be able to download the latest definitions to ensure your computer is kept clean period.