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Office Software
Q. What is the difference between the versions of Office™

Unless otherwise selected, we ship Microsoft® Office Starter 2010 with every computer we manufacture. This includes reduced-functionality versions of Microsoft® Word and Microsoft® Excel that include advertising. It does not include Microsoft® PowerPoint or Microsoft® Outlook. If you would like to have the full version of any Microsoft® Office 2010 product, you will need to purchase an Office 2010 product key, which will enable you to activate the full version of the software on your computer.

Please note the following points about Microsoft® Office Starter 2010:
  1. Limited-functionality versions of Microsoft® Word and Microsoft® Excel.
  2. No Microsoft® PowerPoint, Microsoft® Outlook, or Microsoft® OneNote.
  3. Includes advertising.
  4. Product key required to activate full-featured Office software. You can call us at any time if you wish to purchase this.