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Europe's trade only distributor of notebooks and AIO PCs!

Fortune Technology is a specialist trade only distributor/system integrator of notebooks. We ship our products throughout Europe - if you're an online e-tailer or local computer store, we are your ideal white-box notebook solutions provider. Whether you prefer to assemble to order yourself, or configure a fully built laptop with processor, memory, hard drive and operating system - we can help.

We currently stock the following brands: Clevo, Hailan, Loop, Mitac, Nvidia, Quanta.

Before you can purchase from Fortune Technology, you need to open an account. We can offer credit facilities subject to approval and next day delivery to the UK (2 days for Europe) on component orders.

Current Models

Quanta NL8K FHD (6GB GTX-1060, 7700HQ)

Clevo P640RE (3GB GTX-970M, i7-6820HK)

Mitac M830A L5

Quanta NL9K FHD (6GB GTX-1060, 7700HQ)

Clevo N240BU FHD IPS (i7-7500U)

Clevo N750HU HD (i5-7300HQ)

Clevo N870HZ (UMA, i3-7100H)

Clevo N850HJ1 (4GB GTX-1050, i7-7700HQ)

Clevo N870HZ (UMA, i5-7300HQ)

Clevo N870HJ1 (4GB GTX-1050, i5-7300HQ)

Clevo PA71HS (8GB GTX-1070, i7-7700HQ, 120Hz)

Clevo P650HP6-G (6GB GTX-1060, i7-7700HQ)

Clevo N131BU + i7-7500U

Clevo N131BU + i3-7100U

Clevo N750HU FHD IPS (i7-7700HQ)

Clevo P950HP6 (6GB GTX-1060, i7-7700HQ, 120Hz)

Hailan HL-9320P: 32" Slim Bezel Gaming AIO, 2K 1440P Panel

Loop LP-340003

Clevo P650HP6-G (6GB GTX-1060, i7-7820HK)

Clevo N870HK1 (4GB GTX-1050 Ti, i5-7300HQ)

Clevo N750HU HD (i3-7100H)

Clevo P751DM2-G (8GB GTX-1070)

Clevo N750HU FHD IPS (i5-7300HQ)

Clevo N870HJ1 (4GB GTX-1050, i7-7700HQ)

Clevo N850HK1 (4GB GTX-1050 Ti, i5-7300HQ)

Clevo N850HK1 (4GB GTX-1050 Ti, i7-7700HQ)

Clevo W950PU HD (Pentium N4200)

Clevo N131BU + Pentium 4415U

Clevo N240BU FHD IPS (i5-7200U)

Clevo P640HK1 (4GB GTX-1050 Ti, i7-7700HQ)

Clevo N870HK1 (4GB GTX-1050 Ti, i7-7700HQ)

Clevo N850HL (2GB MX150, i7-7700HQ)

Clevo P775DM3-G (8GB GTX-1080)

Clevo N850HL (2GB MX150, i3-7100H)

Clevo N131BU + i5-7200U

Clevo P650HS-G (8GB GTX-1070, i7-7700HQ)

Clevo PA71HP6 (6GB GTX-1060, i7-7700HQ, 120Hz)

Clevo P950HR (8GB GTX-1070 MAX-Q, i7-7700HQ, 120Hz)

Mitac M780 L5 SKU A

Clevo N870HL (2GB MX150, i5-7300HQ)

Clevo N850HL (2GB MX150, i5-7300HQ)

Clevo P870DM3-G (2 x 8GB GTX-1080)

Clevo N870HL (2GB MX150, i7-7700HQ)

Mitac M780 L5 SKU A Touch

Clevo N240BU FHD IPS (i3-7100U)

Clevo P870DM2-G (2 x 8GB GTX-1070)

Clevo P775DM3 (6GB GTX-1060, 120Hz)

Clevo P775DM3 (8GB GTX-1070, 120Hz)

Clevo P751DM2-G (6GB GTX-1060)

Clevo W950PU HD (Celeron N3450)

Clevo N850HN (2GB GT-940MX, i3-7100H)

Clevo N870HC (2GB GTX-950M, i7-7700HQ)

Clevo P650RP6-G (6GB GTX-1060, i7-6700HQ)

Clevo N240PU HD (Pentium N4200)

Clevo N850HJ1 (4GB GTX-1050, i5-7300HQ)

Clevo P775DM3 (8GB GTX-1080, 120Hz)

Clevo N870HZ (UMA, i7-7700HQ)

Loop LP-2360008